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General Chat Rooms
Chat about anything with people near you!

Flirting Fun
Love to flirt, chat and even more!

Single and Loving It
Singles and those that love them

The Lounge
More relaxed and laid back conversations about anything.

Protecting Your Privacy

  • We advise to keep discussions anonymous at the start. You should protect your identify until you get a comfortable feeling about the other person and really get to know them online.
  • Agree on a time, then meet in a chat room.
  • Click on their icon and select PRIVATE for private chat.
  • You can chat in real time (more like a real conversation), without everyone in the chat room listening in.
  • It's a real bonus if one or both of you have webcams and it's a safe, fun way to explore your connection to someone without having to meet in person right away! (See below for sample)

  • Now you're ready to create an account and start chatting, click continue to get started.

    Getting Noticed

  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - Picture Profiles Get Priority and Shown on top before other Profiles. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so show others that you're friendly.
  • Use a Webcam - People love to see video and they'd love to interact with someone who they can see right away but remember not to get too close or the picture will appear grainy and fuzzy
  • Keep it Clean for All Ages - Make sure your pictures are tasteful, don't post sexual or suggestive pictures or video unless its in private chat.
  • Keep it Simple - To make sure the focus is on you, keep the background out and focus on you
  • Have Fun - Enjoy meeting new people! Now you're ready to create an account and start chatting, click continue to get started.

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